Party Animal Christmas Gift Kit


The box costs nothing, The animals are $17 each.  Perfect gift for a family of children.  You simply add an animal for each child to this cart.  We will package them together with the type of paint.  We will box it with paint, brushes, and your choice of pieces in this festive holiday package.  You pick up and deliver.

Option 1)  You can choose from acrylic paint with the order, one set of paint pods per 2 items.  Acrylic does not require 3 coats of color.  You will also receive brushes which are yours to keep with no extra charge.  If you do not need the brushes, please let us know.  These items to do not need to be fired.

Option 2)  You can choose to paint with our ceramic paint and fire to a glossy, glassy finish.  This will require you to bring it back in when you are finished and pick them back up after we fire.


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