Pottery Wheels Lesson for Teens (Deposit Collected at Booking)



Designed for teens ages 12-18.  Reserve our wheels for a lesson for one or two.  The lesson will take 2 hours and will include instruction and materials.  Firing and glazing for the piece that you throw is included in the price.  Additional clay and firings can be purchased during the lesson.

Cost:  $80 for One Participant  or $120 for two — Invite a friend and split the cost for maximum value!

This lesson will set you up to reserve the wheels for use and practice on your own.  A deposit for the wheel experience will be collected now and applied to your ticket, but the remainder of the lesson will be collected in the studio.

Enjoy a private lesson or a special date for two.

** These booking times are not flexible.  A potter is brought in especially for your lesson.  For that reason, a gratuity has been included in the booking fee.  Call if you need the time adjusted and we will try to work with you, but if you arrive late, the lesson cannot be extended to accommodate late arrival.

Dress casually for “playing in the mud.”


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