Frontal Gingerbread House Ornament


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  • Give the Students Name to connect to the ornament delivery.
  • Please type in your homeroom teacher. The ornament paint kits will be delivered to that teacher. (Independence Academy and REC should enter NONE.)
    Choose either acrylic with a sealant or ceramic paint. You will receive an array of color for your ornaments. Acrylic paint will include a sealant. These do not need to be returned for firing; ceramic paint will have to be returned to be fired.
  • Your pottery will be double checked to make sure that nothing is broken before it goes out the door to you. Once it is out of our studio, breakage and damage to the pottery is not covered by Angelo's. We will not replace pieces that are broken outside of our care. We will not replace pieces that have mixed media paints (both acrylic and ceramic) on them. I understand that we cannot fire acrylic paint. Pieces that are damaged while being processed by our team are refunded, replaced, or refired.