Our Party Room


 Bring your Friends Together in our Party Space

  • Gathering with Friends:  $30 for 2 hours —  Adult mixers are a BLAST at Angelo’s.  Check out our “Gather with Friends” option.  Close out the world and “hang out” with your friends.  Bring in the refreshments and company. minimum of four painters.  This package includes no memory piece but you may take advantage of the daily discount.​

  • We encourage you to bring in food and soft drinks or water — no alcoholic beverages.  We have a refrigerator and freezer to accommodate your food choices.

  • Call the studio directly to arrange an event with beer and wine.  (970) 243-0886.  The bartender is an extra $45.  Each drink is billed separately.  Two drinks maximum per person: Wine $7 per glass and beer $6 each.  All of our spirits are locally sourced.

  • We will confirm specific needs and collect the room deposit before your party.

Children and Adult Parties

  • The reservation fee of $50 does not include the price of the pottery painted at the party.  The pottery pieces will be charged the day of the party.
  • Upgrade the memory piece to a picture frame or Piggy Bank or Picture Frame for an additional $15 if you wish. 
  • You can pick a certain piece of pottery or price range, or let the guests choose.  The pieces are packaged together 1 week after the party and picked up by the party host.
  • We do not deliver items separately.  Only the person who books the party will pick up.
  • You can extend the 2 hour reservation time by two hours at a time if the room is available to do so. An additional fee will be incurred.
  • Special requests: Of course, we can accommodate. Just let us know at least 2 weeks in advance what you would like for us to have available. We will order it in for you.
  • One of our artists will help instruct in your room and to create the party memory piece.  Gratuities for this artist are not included in this reservation fee and are appreciated if you feel they did a nice job for you.  Thank you.

Pottery Painting Party at Home — Call the Studio to arrange this!

(970) 243-0886

  • Having an Angelo’s pottery party at home is fun and easy. We can accommodate any size group — large or small.
  • For the cost of the pottery pieces, you can take them home, let your guests paint, play, and party and then bring the pottery back for us to fire.  We will provide a to-go kit with paint, brushes, palettes, and of course, pottery that you have chosen in advance. 
  • You can add a memory plate for $24 or upgrade the memory piece to a picture frame or Piggy Bank for an additional fee. The party piece is then decorated and personalized by our artists.
  • You have complete control over your spending this way.   Your guests have only the choices that you deliver to them at home.
  • The pieces are packaged together 1 week after the party and picked up by the party host.

Business Groups:  We can bring pieces and paint and an artist to your business or workplace and provide a painting experience that helps people bond, relax, and build relationships.

Full Studio Rental

  • You can rent our entire studio for $150 per hour.  This does not cover the cost of the pottery.  Bring in as many as 50 people and we will provide staffing and instruction.  We can close the studio during the weekday evenings or you can choose a time after our regular operating hours.
  • Bring in food and drink or have it catered by a third party.  The party room can be used as a feast center.
  • You can pay for all items on one ticket or we can individually ticket your guests.  Just let us know what you want.  If you have a theme, let us know at least 2 weeks in advance and we will order in especially for you.    Call (970) 243-0886 to check availability.

2478 Patterson Rd.
​Grand Junction, Colorado