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Ceramic or Acrylic Color Option

  • This determines how we package the paint and reduces paint waste.
    For Party Animals, you can use either ceramic glaze which must be brought back to the studio to be fired to glassy sheen or you can you acrylic color which is not fired, but also is not shiny. Order paint according to your choice.
    We include 5 packets of color. We include enough to glaze all of the pieces ordered. If you need special colors, please note them in the appropriate space below by NUMBER. Consult the color palette in the gallery. . Be sure to tell us which color you want to replace. For the Bright pallet, we include red, blue, yellow, white and black from which all of our colors can be mixed. For the soft color pallet, we include pink, blue, and yellow pastels along with black and white. You will receive Brown as well if appropriate to the piece.
    We include 5 colors automatically: red, blue, yellow, black and white from which you can mix almost all other colors. Choose three additional colors from those listed below.
    Brushes are expensive and there is a shortage. If you have your own brushes, it will help keep costs down. If you don't, we will include brushes that we have in stock.
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