You can custom order ornaments and paint to enjoy at home with your family.  We send acrylic paint with the ornaments, one set of paint pods per 2 ornaments.  You can choose colors to add to a set group of colors.  We will send you red, yellow, blue, white and black -- you choose three additional colors.  If no additional colors are chosen, orange, purple, and green will be included as well.  One set of pods will easily do 2 ornaments.  You will also receive brushes which are yours to keep with no extra charge.  If you do not need the brushes, please let us know.

These will not come back to the studio for firing.

These ornaments can be sealed with Mod Podge or spray sealant after you are finished.  (Not included)

If you order an item that has sold out, we will let you know by either text or e-mail and ask you to choose a different item before shipping.

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