Banks Birthday Package


This package begins with a minimum of 6 standard banks.  A discount is applied to this package because of the number of items being purchased.  You have the choice to increase the number of pieces upon check out.  The package includes a memory piece — a plate which is handprinted and the calligraphy is finished by one of our studio artists.

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  • The discount prices count on a certain number of party animals ordered and painted. The pricing begins at 6 party animals.
  • Choose either acrylic with a sealant or ceramic paint. You will receive an array of color for your party. Acrylic pieces can go home right away with the attendees; ceramic paint will have to be fired.
  • Please enter the 6 banks that you would like included in this package. You may call the studio to check availability before choosing. We will call if any of your choices are not available because of studio sales.
  • What type of plate would you like for your memory piece which will be finished by the studio artist.
  • Brushes are expensive and there is a shortage. If you have your own brushes, it will help keep costs down. If you don't, we will include brushes that we have in stock, one brush per party animal.
  • Please give us at least 24 hours to package this order properly. We will include brushes, paint, party animals, and complete instructions. The party memory piece will be sent along with instructions for preparing it for the calligrapher.