Intense Pottery Wheels (The Feast for One or Two)

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This experience is intended to give you more than a taste, but a smorgasbord of lessons and practice time on the pottery wheels.  This experience includes an initial lesson of two hours, followed by one hour to practice on your own.  Another hour with our pottery for an additional lesson will be followed by an hour of independent practice.   A final hour of time with our potter where you will learn more advanced skills and improve your understanding of where to go from here.  This is followed by an additional hour of your own time to practice.  Each session, whether with the instructor or independent, will include two pounds of clay and all firing and glazing for a single piece.

Some of the skills you will touch on are basic throwing, creating a cylinder, trimming, etchings and designs, and glazing techniques and considerations.  You will create different sizes and shapes in your pieces and gain an understanding of the physics of both the wheels and the firing processes.